Win a $50 Co-op Gas Card – New Manitoba IBA Contest for 2019!

The Manitoba IBA Program is delighted that Red River Co-op will be supporting a new initiative to get more people to submit birding records to the program and using our data portal, eBird. Each month from spring to fall, we will set a monthly prize draw for a $50 Co-op gas card. Each month will have a different theme. The rules are simple for anyone wishing to enter:

  1. Each eBird checklist submitted to the program will be eligible as long as:
    1. It is within the boundary of any of Manitoba’s 36 IBAs (for a list of all our Manitoba IBAs, you can simply look at our updated map, clicking here) and;
    2. The checklist is submitted using the IBA Canada Protocol, or if the monitoring is for shorebirds, the International Shorebird Survey (90% should be the former). Here is more information on using the IBA Canada Protocol.
  2. Email the program at, so we can set up a link to your eBird account. You will need to share your eBird profile name so we can set up a direct link with our account.
  3. Once complete, share your checklist with our account, username being ManitobaIBA (one word).
  4. Each single eligible checklist will be submitted to the contest via a randomised draw (we will use an Excel spreadsheet randomiser to make it fair). The winner will be contacted and then announced early the following month.
  5. Anyone is eligible to enter, except members of the staff from the Manitoba IBA Program.

If you are not an eBird user, do not despair. We have developed a new tool to upload your information to eBird. There is now an online form on our website to match the IBA reporting cards which we have produced, or are producing for each IBA. These will also be included in the contest, with one entry for every day that a bird submission is made via this form. You can see the form, and how easy it is to use at this link.

The first contest will be for March. As this is a shortened month, both for birding in IBAs, and with the long winter, we have made it simple.

For any bird observation submitted during the month of March from any IBA, you will be eligible for the contest.

Happy Birding!

March 2019 IBA Contest Poster