IBA Protocol on eBird

It seems that birding in Manitoba’s IBAs is hotting up right now. This seems to be a good time to remind everyone out there who is entering data into eBird to make sure you enter it under the IBA Protocol. If you unsure whether the birds are in the IBA or not, no worries, still use the IBA Protocol as eBird will know whether the point at which you entered data is in the IBA or not.

One more thing, remember to enter on www.ebird.ca not .org. You cannot use the IBA Canada protocol under .org.  Unfortunately the eBird app connects to ebird.org and therefore any data entered on the app cannot be converted directly to the IBA Protocol. If you have any data which needs re-entering because it wasn’t entered under the protocol, we can do that for you – free of charge(:

Here is a link to the one pager created by the program on how to enter under the IBA Protocol – Using eBird for the Manitoba Important Bird Area program