BioBlitz Volunteers

A “BioBlitz” is a short (usually one day) community-focused biological survey that brings together interested local citizens with experts, such as scientists, conservation workers, and nature enthusiasts, to help determine what species of plants and animals reside in a specific area, and in what abundances.

The Manitoba IBA Program will be conducting bioblitz events to learn more about the web of life that sustains and supports bird populations at IBAs.

Whether you are an experienced naturalist, an enthusiastic beginner or a member of the general public, we welcome your help! BioBlitz events simply can’t happen without the help of volunteers!

Tasks Involved:

For more experienced naturalists:

Wildlife Recording

– Working in small teams to identify species at the site

– Recording and reporting data

Public Engagement

– Leading or assisting with wildlife walks for members of the public

– Talking to members of the public about nature, science and wildlife recording

Depending on your skills and preferred role, you may choose to focus on wildlife recording or public engagement – or a blend of the two.

Please let the IBA Coordinator know if you have a specific area of expertise in species identification.

For beginner naturalists and community members:

Wildlife Recording

– Working in small teams with experienced naturalists

– Learning to use keys and guide books to identify species at the site

– Recording species observed

Time Commitment: 1 to 3 days/year from late May to mid-July