Outreach Materials and Reports

The Manitoba Important Bird Areas Program produces outreach materials, to help identify those all important birds, and encourage more people to get involved in citizen science. We have also published and posted a number of reports about our work. These will be posted on this page.


Working with Indigenous Communities

Important Bird Areas and Manitoba’s First Nations

Working in Grassland Landscapes

Summary of Southwestern Manitoba Landowner and Cattle Producer Engagement Activities in 2019

Landowner and Cattle Producer Values Towards Grasslands and Avian Species at Risk in Southwestern Manitoba

A Review of Bird Monitoring in Manitoba SARPAL Target Areas in 2017 and 2018

SARPAL Review of Bird Monitoring in SARPAL Areas in 2017

Grassland Bird Conservation Guide (medium res)

Outreach Materials

Conservation Champions Program

Conservation Champions_Brochure

Red-headed Woodpecker Fact Sheet

Fiche d’information sur le pic à tête rouge

Eastern Whip-poor-will Fact Sheet

Fiche d’information sur l’engoulevent bois-pourri

Freshwater Habitats and the Shorebird Scrape

Manitoba IBA Program March 2019 updated map

Manitoba’s First Shorebird Scrape Factsheet

Le premier étrépage à limicoles du Manitoba

Freshwater Habitat for Birds in Manitoba Factsheet

Les habitats d’eau douce pour les oiseaux au Manitoba

Bird Identification Cards

Birds of Wetland IBAs in Southern Manitoba – English

Oiseaux des terres humides communs des ZICO du Manitoba – français

Birds of the Churchill and Vicinity IBA

Grassland Birds Page 1

Grassland Birds Page 2

Manitoba Important Bird Areas Shorebirds – English

Espèces limicoles des ZICO Manitoba – français

Nelson River Estuary Bird Card

Shorebirds Of Manitoba List

IBA-specific Reporting Cards with maps, and trigger species

Northern Manitoba IBAs

Churchill and Vicinity IBA Card

Nelson River Estuary IBA Card

Seal River Estuary and Kaskattama River Estuary IBA’s Card

Central Manitoba IBAs

Saskatchewan River Delta IBA Card

Islands of Lakes Winnipeg, Manitoba and Winnipegosis

Sagemace and Coleman Bay Islands and Long Island and Long Island Bay IBA’s Card

Manitoba Interlake IBAs

Oak Hammock Marsh IBA Card

North, West and East Shoal Lake IBA Card

Delta Marsh IBA Card

Riverton Sandy Bar IBA

Netley-Libau Marsh IBA Card

Marshy Point IBA Card

Grant’s Lake IBA Card

Gull Bay Spits (Long Point) IBA Card

Dog Lake, Lake St Martin’s and Kaweenakumik Lake IBAs

Southwestern Manitoba and Riding Mountain Area

Oak Lake and Plum Lakes IBA Card

Whitewater Lake IBA Card

Southwestern Manitoba Mixed-grass Prairie IBA Card

Douglas Marsh IBA Card

Ellice-Archie and Spy Hill-Ellice Community Pastures IBA

Proven Lake IBA Card

Sandy Bay IBA Card

Big Grass Marsh and Langruth IBA Card

Kinosota-Leifur IBA Card