Maps and Monitoring Forms

The Manitoba Important Bird Area’s Program has a growing group of volunteers. We are keen to ensure all volunteers are given as much support as they need. For this reason we have begun a long process of preparing maps which show main points of access to each IBA plus other useful information. We use eBird to enter any data into the national IBA system (Using eBird for the Manitoba Important Bird Area program). We have also produced bird checklists for different IBA regions of Manitoba.

We will continue to add information to this section of the website during the spring and summer of 2015. If you are visiting an IBA and would like an IBA Protcol map ahead of time, please contact Tim Poole at or (204) 943-9029.

Bird Checklists

Hudson Bay IBA Birders Checklist (MB003-Churchill & Vicinity; MB006-Kaskattama River Mouth; MB008-Nelson River Estuary & Marshy Point; MB013-Seal Bay Estuary)

Northern Central IBA Birders Checklist (MB004-Gull and Sandhill Island; MB007-Kaweenakumik; MB012-Pipestone Rocks; MB053-Gull Bay Spits; MB055-Saskatchewan River Delta; MB062-Little George Island; MB066-North Channel Island; MB067-Dory’s Reef; MB070-South Long Island; MB081-Sagemace & Coleman Bay; MB082-Kasakeemeemisekak Islands; MB083-Lake St. Martin Islands; MB085-Long Island & Long Island Bay; MB086-Louis Island & Reefs; MB098-Spruce Island Reef; MB099-Balabas Island)

Southern and Central IBA Birders Checklist (MB001-Delta Marsh; MB038-North, West and East Shoal Lakes; MB009-Netley-Libau Marsh; MB039-Grant’s Lake; MB010-Oak Hammock Marsh; MB087-Marshy Point; MB028-Proven Lake WMA; MB091-Riverton Sandy Bar; MB031-Dog Lake; MB092-Sand Reef Islands; MB032-Duck Island; MB093-Sandy Bay Marshes; MB033-Langruth/Big Grass Marsh; MB100-Kinosota/Leifur)

Southwestern Manitoba IBA Birders Checklist (MB002-Douglas Marsh; MB011-Oak Lake/Plum Lakes Area; MB015-Whitewater Lake; MB024-Southwestern Manitoba Mixed-Grass Prairie)

Maps (Click here for map of Manitoba IBA’s)

MB001 – Delta Marsh (IBA Canada information)

delta iba protocol

MB002 – Douglas Marsh (IBA Canada information)

MB003 – Churchill & Vicinity (IBA Canada information)

Parks Canada – Map of Churchill and Surrounding Area

MB009 – Netley-Libau Marsh (IBA Canada information)

MB010 – Oak Hammock Marsh WMA (IBA Canada information)

Directions –

Route maps  –

MB011 – Oak Lake/Plum Lakes Area (IBA Canada information)

MB015 – Whitewater Lake WMA (IBA Canada information)

MB015 – Whitewater Lake Standard Map

MB024 – Southwestern Manitoba Mixed-Grass Prairie (IBA Canada information)

Maps and directions available in the ‘Manitoba Grasslands Birding Trail’ guide –

MB028 – Proven Lake (IBA Canada information)

MB031 – Dog Lake (IBA Canada information)

MB033 – Langruth – RM of Lakeview (Big Grass Marsh) (IBA Canada information)

MB038 – North, West, and East Shoal Lakes (IBA Canada information)

MB039 – Grant’s Lake WMA (IBA Canada information)

MB055 – Saskatchewan River Delta (IBA Canada information)

MB087 – Marshy Point (IBA Canada information)

MB087-Marshy Point IBA Public Access

MB091 – Riverton Sandy Bar (IBA Canada information)

MB091-Riverton Sandy Bar Standard Map

MB093 – Sandy Bay Marshes (IBA Canada information)

MB100 – Kinosota & Leifur (IBA Canada information)