IBA Site Caretakers

Site Caretakers are the eyes, ears and hands on the ground whose top priorities are conducting bird counts and monitoring habitat at their local IBA. This is a site-specific role best suited to a volunteer or group of volunteers who live in close proximity to the IBA and can visit the IBA with some frequency.

Tasks Involved

1) Bird Monitoring

– observe bird populations at your IBA using a standardized protocol for the IBA Program (and/or participate in an existing bird monitoring program already taking place in the IBA through Bird Studies Canada or local naturalist coordinated programs)

– work with the IBA Coordinator and Bird Studies Canada Program Manager to determine and map a bird census route in your IBA

2) Habitat Monitoring

– record observations about habitat within the IBA and monitor for changes over time

3) Reporting

– submit bird count data to eBird after each monitoring trip or using paper IBA monitoring forms supplied to you

– record and report any signs of threats to the birds or habitat within the IBA

– track and submit volunteer hours on a monthly or yearly basis to the IBA Coordinator

– compile and submit a brief Year-end Summary Report for your IBA to the IBA Coordinator

4) Optional activities

– Photography: of birds and habitat at your IBA for promotional or documentation purposes

– Public Outreach: creating a brochure or developing a Facebook or web page for your IBA; organizing and leading a birding walk at your IBA; writing an article for a local paper or blog post for the Manitoba IBA website; participating in local events to promote your IBA; delivering presentations to schools, town council etc.

– Environmental Stewardship: removing garbage at your IBA; installing IBA signs or information panels; invasive plant removal

Note: For some IBAs, access to a boat or quad may be necessary.

Time Commitment: 10 to 15 hours/year

This includes a minimum of 3 site visits to monitor the IBA from May 1 to November 1. Ideally, this will include one visit during spring migration, one visit during breeding season and one visit during fall migration (this may vary from site to site).

Full details: IBA Site Caretaker Welcome Package 2016