Media Catch-up From The Announcement of Our New IBA

We had a fair bit of media interest following last weeks announcement of our new IBA at the Ellice-Archie and Spy Hill Community Pastures. Here is a summary, please click on the links to read or listen to the stories:

  • Christian Artuso, Manitoba IBA Steering Committee Chair and MB Programs Director for Bird Studies Canada was interviewed in French for Radio Canada. You can listen to his interview at 6:47 by clicking the link – Radio Canada.
  • CBC also published a story on their website in French featuring quotes from Christian, Tim Poole and  – CBC French.
  • It seems like MSN picked up the same story – MSN.
  • Bryce Hoye interviewed Tim and the Spy Hill-Ellice Pasture Manager, Zane Fredbjornson for the CBC website, this time in English. Extracts of the interviews also featured in news headlines – CBC English.
  • CBC Saskatchewan also interviewed Christian – CBC SK.
  • CBC posted a link on their Facebook page – CBC Facebook
  • The same story was featured by Yahoo News – Yahoo news.
  • Tim and Zane were also interviewed for a piece in the Manitoba Cooperator – MB Cooperator.
  • The same publication also mentioned the IBA designation in a piece about the relationship between cattle and biodiversity featuring Manitoba Sustainable Development Species At Risk Technician, Ken De Smet, and some fascinating background on the recent travails of Burrowing Owls, Ferruginous Hawk and Loggerhead Shrike – MB Cooperator, De Smet.
  • CKDM Radio briefly featured the story on their website – CKDM. Tim Poole was also interviewed for the news program.
  • Nature Manitoba published the story on their website and monthly newsletter – Nature MB.
  • On a related note, The Manitoba Cooperator published a story on conservation and the beef industry following a session at the recent Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference in Winnipeg. The story featured interviews with award winning producer from the Southwestern Manitoba Mixed-grass Prairie IBA, Curtis Gervin, Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation CEO and Manitoba IBA Steering Committee member, Tim Sopuck, and Christian – Manitoba Cooperator.

There are a couple more publications and interviews still to be published, in which case these will be added to this list at a later date. Feel free to send us any news reports that you have found at