May IBA Contest – Shorebirds

Thank you to everyone who has submitted eBird checklists in April. There is still time to submit any outstanding lists before we do the drawer (we will do this early next week).

And to May!

In May, we are starting to see shorebirds arrive in the IBAs. We are going to be focusing more on shorebirds in 2019. Our contest is therefore around checklists with shorebirds. Every submitted eBird checklist which includes at least one shorebird will be eligible for the monthly prize. More details about this contest can be found at IBA Contest.

To prevent confusion, you would also be eligible if you use the ‘International Shorebird Survey’ protocol on eBird. We missed this off the poster deliberately so not to confuse people, but both protocols are certainly acceptable.

May IBA Birding Contest.jpg