List of August Events for the Manitoba IBA Program

Here is a list of some upcoming Manitoba IBA events for August

August 12th – Delta Marsh IBA Blitz

Join us for an exciting blitz in the world famous Delta Marsh. We will be counting some of the specialty species of the area including shorebirds, grebes and wading birds. We will begin early and be finished by lunchtime

August 16th – Riverton Sandy Bar weed pull

It is the time for our annual Riverton Sandy Bar weed pull. held in conjunction with IBA Caretaker Joanne Smith, this is an excellent opportunity to roll up your sleeves and help recreate the Piping Plover habitat for which this area was once known.  We’ll meet at 8:45 am at the parking area and then take the 15 minute walk out to the sandbar area together. We hope to pull weeds (which will most likely involve some birding) for three or four hours, depending on the weather. If you can even help for an hour or two, it would be greatly appreciated. Please bring gloves, hat, sunscreen, water and a bag lunch. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Below is an extract of the Express Weekly News announcing this excellent event.


August 26th – North, West and East Shoal Lakes IBA Blitz

Our fall program begins with an exciting opportunity to visit the excellent North, West and East Shoal Lakes. The data generated will give us a flavour of the populations of birds in this globally significant place for nature. Shoal Lakes IBA is a great place to see rare species including large wading birds, shorebirds and migrant water and songbirds. A late breakfast/lunch will be part of this package!

Fall events

We will be running a few waterfowl counting events around the province. Look out for announcements in September. We also plan to run a new event – ‘The Great Sandhill Crane Search’. This will focus on an area from Virden to the southwest corner of the province and will take place in October.