Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs)

As the leaves begin to turn to vivid shades of yellow and red, an array of warblers tumble through the streets of Winnipeg and the days become ever shorter, it appears that change is in the air. Birdlife International have launched a new system of designation, the KBA or Key Biodiversity Areas.

Thus far, Birdlife International and its partners have identified 18,000 different sites, including all globally and continentally significant IBAs (not nationally significant IBAs) as KBAs. We currently do not know what the implications this has for the IBA Program, whether we will eventually become a KBA program or whether IBAs will remain. However it will not have any bearing on the day to day program here in Manitoba. Perhaps we will even end up with some more sites to work with as KBAs are identified here in Manitoba. After all, there are significant areas of habitat in Manitoba important for rare invertebrates and plants. We will look forward to seeing how the program develops.

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