Volunteers Needed – Oak Lake and Plum Lakes IBA Blitz

Good afternoon!
For those who did not hear the unfortunate news, the Manitoba IBA Program and the Province of Manitoba were forced to cancel the expected Delta Marsh IBA blitz last month due to the poor weather conditions. We definitely intend to do at least one blitz at this IBA in 2016, with a possible date around late August or early September being mooted. Undeterred, we are still very keen to organise more blitzes. To this ends, I have 3 new blitzes in the pipeline and of course I am looking for volunteers to help out at each of them. The first of these blitzes I have in mind is:
June 18 or 19 – Oak Lake and Plum Lakes IBA
This IBA is designated for its globally important populations of migratory waterfowl. However it also has provincially important populations of breeding waterbirds and good numbers of grassland birds. It’s also the location of a Western Wood Pewee right now.
We are hoping for anywhere between 3 and 5 teams to monitor the IBA during the course of one morning on either Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June. Data would be entered on eBird and shared on our blog. We will provide lunch for everyone who attends in a convenient location, possibly in Oak Lake. We might be able to provide gas cards for people who travel from further afield and I would be happy to drive people from Winnipeg if they are interested in coming. Having groups of people coming from Brandon, Virden and other parts of the southwest would be superb!
I intend to pick a day based on maximizing availability of volunteers. If you are interested in coming, please let me know by the end of this week

Eared Grebe at Oak Lake, May 2016. Photo copyright Tim Poole