Upcoming Activities

As we head into migration season, Manitoba IBA has a variety of activities planned and in the works:

We will be venturing out to Oak Lake/ Plum Lakes on Saturday, August 15th at 8:30 am to once again search the IBA for Redheaded Woodpeckers before they head off on migration. I am sure we will also be seeing many other species – as experienced by our recent Shoal Lakes Bird Blitz (stay tuned for our blitz summary).

Oak Lakes RHWO Blitz Poster

We will also be holding a blitz focused on shorebirds and waterbirds at Whitewater Lake IBA on Saturday, August 29th at 9:00 am. Whitewater Lake is a premier spot to see migrating shorebirds in Manitoba.

WWL Blitz Poster

Last but not least, we will be holding another webinar on Wednesday, August 26th at 1:00 pm on identifying our “fall warblers” found in Manitoba. Hopefully this webinar “falls” right in the middle of warbler migration this year so that you can test out your new-found skills. If you have any suggestions for future Manitoba IBA webinars we’d love to hear from you at iba@naturemanitoba.ca!

IBA Manitoba Fall Warblers Poster