A Note to IBA Manitoba Volunteers

As with many organizations, we are currently working to adapt our short and longer-term plans to deal with the realities of COVID-19. While indoor events that we have held in past springs are currently on hold, we are hoping to continue our work at outdoor events and activities under current government advice. If advice from the government changes, we will change our plans accordingly. As always we encourage volunteers to monitor IBAs using the IBA Protocol on eBird.ca (https://www.ibacanada.com/documents/eBird_IBA_protocol_EN.pdf) and continuing to count shorebirds under the International Shorebird Survey (https://importantbirdareasmb.ca/2018/08/13/the-international-shorebird-survey-iss-in-manitoba-an-encouraging-start/). We still hope that you will consider continuing to contribute to the program by monitoring independently in this way.

For now, Manitoba IBA continues to look forward to the spring and the arrival of our many feathered friends!

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