Latest Nature Manitoba News

Nature Manitoba published its February newsletter earlier this month and there are a couple of IBA-related articles.

The first is related to a new project following up on the Grassland Bird Conservation Initiative is part of a new partnership funded by Environment Canada and Climate Change to fund grassland bird conservation with beef producers. Take a look at the article including quotes from Christian Artuso here.

Ferruginous Hawk in cattle pasture 2.JPG

Ferruginous Hawks at home in a pasture with a cattle. Retaining these habitats is critical for conserving our grassland birds. Photo copyright Tim Poole

The second article refers to a new powerline in western Manitoba. The proposal from Manitoba Hydro is that the powerline would pass through an area of native prairie with globally significant numbers of grassland birds. Nature Manitoba have responded to the public consultation on this and you can read it on the their website, including reference to the IBA Program.

There is also a new feature for bird of the month which will include references to birds in IBAs over the course of the year. Keep your eyes open for this feature in the future but for now, enjoy the Great Gray Owl feature this month.