Manitoba IBA Program in the Media

Couple of bits of news to catch up on. Firstly the Federal Government has added several species to the Species At Risk Act. This has relevance to the Manitoba IBA Program as included in this list are Horned Grebe, Baird’s Sparrow and Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Christian Artuso was interviewed by CBC about this and gave the IBA Program some useful publicity! See CBC article.

We were also delighted to find ourselves on the front cover of the latest Eco-Journal from the Manitoba Eco-Network. The piece on grassland birds of Manitoba can be read either by following the link or downloaded Eco_Journal-Summer-16_online. If you have never read the Eco-Journal before, it is well worth your time, covering a range of issues from parks to recycling and climate change. And you can even subscribe online!

Eco Journal cover