International Migratory Bird Day

Date: May 14, 2016
Time: 8:00 am  to  4:30 pm

Celebrate the diversity of migratory birds at Oak Hammock Marsh!

Oak Hammock Marsh, one of the best areas in North America to watch migratory birds.

  • 8:00 Birding walk with Tim Poole and Christian Artuso
  • 10:00 Presentation on Important Bird Areas (IBA) program and data entry into Ebird with Tim Poole and Christian Artuso
  • 11:00 Returning Manitoba Songbirds by Christian Artuso
  • 1:00 Birding by Ear Workshop with Paula Grieef ($5 per participants plus taxes)
  • 2:30 What to look for when buying Optics with Paula Grieef and Ricky Ryan (from Zeiss) (presentation followed by a walk outside to test some binoculars out)

International Migratory Bird Day sponsored by Zeiss.

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