Migration Bird Blitz at North, West and East Shoal Lakes IBA

If you are peruse these pages back far enough you will see some fantastic photos in a post about Least Bitterns at the North, West and East Shoal Lakes IBA from Donna Martin (see Least Bittern). Donna is our Caretaker for the IBA and spends many hours each year monitoring, putting up signs, building nestboxes and watching out for the site.

Donna and I are planning a couple of fall migration bird blitzes in August and October across the Shoal Lakes. Essentially groups of birders will be counting birds early morning in sections of the IBA. We might even have a boat available for some nautical counting in areas which are less accessible from the land. Below is a summary of the plan:

  • Early Migration Count: August 29th (reserve day is the 30th). Sunrise is around 6:39 so expect to begin 30 minutes before this time
  • Late Migration Count: October 3rd (4th reserve). Sunrise is at 7:42 so again expect to begin 30 minutes beforehand
  • Number of teams: 5-6 cars. Each car to have 1 scope and a GPS (IBA Program will provide GPS if required)
  • All data to be added to eBird under the IBA Protocol. I am happy to enter data and share with you if this makes things easier for you

We will meet up for breakfast after each count. I was planning to go to Rosie’s Cafe in Inwood as this is one of the closest available places in the area. The North, West and East Shoal Lakes IBA received a generous donation via Donna which means we can pay for breakfast to thank everyone plus provide some remuneration for fuel.

Please email me at iba@naturemanitoba.ca if you are interested in coming along for the fun on either date

All the best and happy birding!