2014 Caretaker report

We are delighted to publish our 2014 Program Report on the website. This highlights the fantastic achievements of our Caretakers. I would say 3 Caretakers but since the start of 2015 we have gained a few more! Here is a snippet of some of the achievements from 2014 but to really get a feeling take a look at the report MB IBA 2014 Caretaker and Program report.

MB009 – NETLEY-LIBAU MARSH – Charlie McPherson

  • Spent almost 1000 hours time contributing to IBA-related activities
  • 40 hours spent building and installing bird boxes within the IBA.
  • Time spent advocating marsh improvement with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation.
  • Attended a workshop at the University of Winnipeg on Netley-Libau Marsh with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation. Delivered presentations at preliminary meeting at the Manitoba Hydro Building in Winnipeg and the 2nd and 3rd meetings
  • Delivered a presentation on the IBA Program at Oak Hammock Marsh.
  • Delivered a presentation to the Selkirk Birdwatchers Club.
  • Meeting with the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews to discuss mitigation for the marsh
  • 4 monitoring trips in 2014 includingGoldeye Lake and Folster’s Lake highlights included:
    • 100 Western Grebes, including young
    • Forster’s Tern colony
    • 4 pairs of Bald Eagle
    • 26 Red-necked grebe


  • 3 checklists submitted to eBird.
  • In September, Donna participated in World Shorebird Day, counting shorebirds and other species in the IBA.
  • Secured a donation from Rona of two pressure treated posts and hardware to erect 2 signs on the north side of the IBA.
  • Received a Lumber donation from Starr Building for North West and East Shoal Lake IBA worth approximately $400 to build some bird houses. Thanks to Sandra Cote for helping Donna Secure this donation.
  • Created a Facebook page for the North West and East Shoal Lake IBA linking to the Manitoba IBA website. See here.
  • Created a brochure for the IBA. Currently on hold.
  • Wrote a blogpost for the Manitoba IBA website on the Least Bittern in the North Shoal Lake (Least Bittern).
  • The main birding highlights included:
    • Herring and Ring-billed Gulls are thought to breed in the IBA but again, no colonies have been found yet.
    • Evidence of breeding Willet.
    • Red-necked Grebe bred successfully.
    • 2 adult Least Bitterns were observed in the summer. Following this, 5 juveniles were counted in the fall.
    • Black-crowned Night Heron are present, although there is currently no evidence of breeding.
    • American White Pelican present in low numbers throughout the summer and higher numbers in the fall. There may be a breeding colony.

MB091 – RIVERTON SANDY BAR, Joanne Smith

  • IBA signs and ‘Caution ground-nesting bird’ signs placed in parking area.
  • Placed information box with the IBA brochure in the parking area.
  • Delivered a presentation on the IBA alongside a presentation delivered by a representative of the East Interlake Conservation District. Audience of 25.
  • Set up Facebook page for Riverton Sandy Bar.
  • Regular visit to Riverton Sandy Bar, even in the depths of winter! Piping Plover have bred here in the past but not in 2014. Bird highlights included:
    • Red Knot, a trigger species on October 10.
    • 130 American White Pelican in early June.
    • 300 Ring-billed Gulls in late May.
    • 1500 Franklin’s Gulls in July
    • Shorebirds noted included Least Sandpiper, Killdeer, Marbled Godwit, Ruddy Turnstone, Black-bellied Plover, American Golden Plover, Sanderling, Dunlin, Hudsonian Godwit, Stilt Sandpiper, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Greater Yellowlegs, Pectoral Sandpiper and Baird’s Sandpiper.
    • 48 Western Grebe in early June.
    • 1000 Snow Goose and 1000 Canada Goose during fall migration

Richard Cain produced a logo for the Manitoba IBA Program. The image of the American White Pelican was selected to represent our program. Manitoba is the most important place in North America for this species, being home to one-third of the global breeding population.IBA Pelican Logo Hi Res