Manitoba Stay-at-Home Nocturnal Owl Survey Form

This page is set up for anyone interested in participating in a study of owls which can be heard from your backyard during the Covid-19 medical emergency. This is in lieu of the Manitoba Nocturnal Owl Survey which sadly had to be closed early. For more information, access to resources, including owl sounds, typical nocturnal owl Survey protocols and more, please follow this link to the NatureCounts website.

Finding the GPS coordinates for your location can be done easily with Google maps.

  • Open Google maps in your favorite browser:
  • Zoom in as much as you can to your location (using the mouse wheel or the +/- buttons in the lower right)
  • Click on your location to create a map pin
  • The GPS coordinates will be shown in a small banner (at the bottom of the screen)
  • Click on the GPS coordinates in that small banner, and they will appear in the Google maps search window (upper left)
  • Use your mouse to select the coordinates that were shown in the Google search window
  • Copy-n-Paste those coordinates wherever you need them

Using this approach, the GPS coordinates for Portage and Main are: 49.895502, -97.138471.

If you are unsure the coordinates were copied correctly, open a new Google maps page in your favorite browser, and paste the coordinates into the Google maps search window (upper left). When you press enter the map should zoom in and show a map pin at the same location.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please email Tim Poole at

For more information about the Manitoba Nocturnal Owl Survey, please email Christian Artuso at