International Piping Plover Census

The following message was posted on Manitoba Birds Yahoo Group this evening by Ken Porteous from the Manitoba Piping Plover Recovery Program. 2016 is the international census of this species which formerly bred in some of Manitoba’s IBAs. If anyone sees a Piping Plover this summer in Manitoba, please contact Ken on the details below.

Good day,

As many of you are aware the international census began in 1991 and is conducted every five years. This year will mark the sixth census. It will take place from June 4-17. Although piping plovers have not been reported across Manitoba the past three years I am holding out hope that as I survey historical territories I will come across a pair or two. To help me, I would very much appreciate receiving any reports from the birding community. Please feel free to contact me with a direct reply ( or phone me at 204-898-2654. Thank you.

Good birding,

Ken Porteous

Coordinator, Manitoba Piping Plover Recovery Program

Piping Plover_1

Piping Plover nesting in Manitoba. Photo copyright Christian Artuso